UNFCCC quietly receives list of government climate pledges

Although the NYT and the Climate Progress blog didn’t report any news today about Copenhagen Accord pledges received by the January 31st deadline, the BBC did.  Richard Black’s blog mostly talked about the un-deadline nature of yesterday, but then announced at its close that the UNFCC C secretariat had just posted the results.  Under a small news headline at the bottom of this page, you’ll find a press release which states that 55 countries accounting for 78% of global emissions have submitted national pledges to reduce their GHGs by 2020.  Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, observed that “the commitment to confront climate change at the highest level is beyond doubt. These pledges have been formally communicated to the UNFCCC.”  Industrialized countries’ targets are here and developing countries’ proposed mitigation actions are here.  (Also look at U.S. Climate Action Network (CAN)’s graphic here.) Notably, the U.S., Australia, and Canada, which were laggards under the Kyoto Protocol, are the only countries in the 11 currently listed on Appendix I (treating the E-U as one) NOT to use the 1990 base year.

As the Deutsche Welle headline read, “Nations quietly reaffirm Copenhagen climate pledges.”

N.B.  The NYT just rang in this morning, Tuesday, February 2, on the pledges received by the deadline, noting that Mexico (host of the next COP) had not yet signed up, nor Russia.  Interestingly, South Korea is reported to have already passed a national law to act on its international pledges, which recalls Brazil’s efforts noted in this earlier post.  Et tu, U.S. Senate?


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