A Thousand Words


Last March, on a hike in Cassis, France.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.  Given my penchant for text, I’m hoping that you’ll agree that I made the right call last week to spend time uploading pix rather than words.  At right you’ll see some new stills posted in the image gallery (which is based in Flickr) of life at the law faculty of University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD).  I took some of these on my first day at the fac and some last week, on the last day of my first class (Genocide, Law Against), with the latter taken to capture my pedestrian’s eye view as I commute to the office.

marche tilene 001

One of our veggie sellers at the Marche Tilene.

A technical note.  I’ve created sets for each thematic group of pix but haven’t been able to link them directly to the image gallery – YET.  So, here’s my Plan B:  click here and you will arrive at a page which shows two sets of photos in tracebees’ photostream.  If you then click on the set of interest (Life at the UCAD law faculty or Blue Mountain Lake Meeting of the Climate Legacy Initiative (CLI)), you’ll then see these photos in the order I intended, with titles and descriptions.  Sorry for this clunky transition.  I hope I don’t lose you due to a few more clicks.  I’m working on finding a way to take you to the sets directly.  If you have suggestions, I’m all ears.

Finally, I’ve also added some moving pictures, i.e. two short video clips of the young Senegalese artists we heard at the French cultural center in September.  Check it out!

And stay tuned for more pix in the gallery.  I have a backlog to share:  the Sine-Saloum Delta (known for its mangroves and bird life); the Marche Tilene, where we shop for fresh food; Baaba Maal kicking off the Dakar Jazz Festival’ downtown Dakar; and home life in our apartment complex for UCAD profs, the Cite des Enseignants (City of Teachers).


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